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Mines of Moria Loot list

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Mines of Moria Loot list

Postaj by Berta on uto svi 19, 2009 10:46 am

Popis dropova u MOM instancama, popis je napravio Alash u suradnji sa ostalom ekipom sa EU foruma

With the increasing availability of good gear, and several paths to
take, more than ever players need to choose. Shall I do this instance
or that? Should I quest in this area or the other? Part of this,
certainly not all, but part of making that choice is looking at the
rewards of doing it. More specifically, the things you might come
across in the late instances of Mines of Moria.

As is the nature of these things, we can only observe what drops. We
haven't access to the complete loot tables, and as such a lootlist is a
work in progress a long way down the line, until it's statistically
accurate. To get it that I need your help.

Though I'll log everything I find on my own, I need you to help me
collect the information and get it written down. So when you do any of
the below mentioned instances, help me take notes and say what you've
found. Seeing that eventually these are the instances players will keep
doing, they are the only ones I'll focus on:

-> Dark Delving
-> Grand Stairs
-> Fil-gashan
-> Forges of Khazâd-dum
-> Forgotten Treasury
-> Sixteen Hall
-> Skûmfil
-> The Vile Maw

The items of interest are either rare, incomparable, legendary or token items (for class-specific hand-ins), and trophies. I will not record any form of faded or sealed relics, nor any legendary items that are not "of the First Age".

Dark Delving
Token: Iron Coin of Knowledge (Helm - Hardmode)
Void Eater (First boss)
Shield: Othamath
Wrist: Two-Toned Bangle
Shadow-eater (Second boss)
Necklace: Grand Necklace
Shield: Threklif
Gúrvand (Third boss)
Earring: Floral Earring
Shield: Maur-targed
Bracelet: Bracelet of the Moon

Grand Stairs
Token: Platinum Coin of Courage (Boots - Hardmode)
Glothrok the Vile (First boss)
Bauble: Dwarven Figurine
Nardur the Shield (Second boss)
Axe: Bronwechathol
Leggings: Brawler's Trousers
Necklace: Wavy Silver Necklace
Mace: Rondram
Ring: Carved Sapphire Ring
Trophy: The Beast's Drum
Gothghaash the Firecaller (Third boss)
Armour: Ithronham
Dorozg the Beast Tamer (Fourth boss)
Cloak: Burglar's Cover
Trophy: Glothrok's Token
Igash the Fanatic (Final boss)
Armour: Aillean-caisvárt
Armour: Hum Zudur
Armour: Gartham
Cloak: Jubut-rud
Dagger: Gaelhigil
Earring: Diamond Stud
Helm: Head-cage
Helm: Gelcharab
Helm: Razor-helm
Pocket: Painted Vane
Sword: Lethal-edge
Wrist: Incidious Cuff
Cloak: Dorchol
Necklace: Gold Strand Necklace
Ring: Ringent Gem Ring
Ring: Ruby Ring
Shield: Wall of the Resolute Guardian
Sword: Cururist
Wrist: Etched Leaf Bracelet
Trophy: Igash's Trinket

Token: Platinum Coin of Hand (Gloves - Hardmode)
Commander Greb (Second boss)

Pocket: Curative Locket
Earring: Guluros
Commander Tâlug (Final boss)

Earring: Guluros
Pocket: Memorial Plaque

Forges of Khazâd-dum
Shield: Guardian's Barricade
Pocket: Clinker
Ring: Gruesome Finger-Band
Gloves: Redengaim
Gloves: Gloves of the Deep Breath
Necklace: Ancient Signet Pendant
Trophy: Krankluk's Hammer

Sixteen Hall
Shield: Rígh-Targaid

Old Gnawer
Gloves: Gloves of the Handler
Boots: Shadid-jazâm
Cloak: Pendevig-Clog
Trophy: Stinger of Brúmbereth
: Grimreaver
Armour: Aillean-armakh
Earring: Golden Earring
Token: Platinum Coin of Resolve (hardmode)

The Vile Maw
The Watcher
Armour: Brenin-crus
Armour: Jofur-klath
Armour: Malak-zudur

Earring: Rún-baug
Gloves: Herengaim
Pocket: Black Pearl
Pocket: Treasury Stone
Ring: Belegrin
Ring: Manadhgor
Wrist: Mikel-baug
Token: Platinum Coin of Heart
Token: Platinum Coin of Spirit
Class-specific: First Age items

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