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Fishing 2.0

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Fishing 2.0

Postaj by Berta on sri vel 10, 2010 3:29 pm

Napravili su neke promjene u pecanju Smile

They've definitely made some changes. In just 10 minutes of fishing, there are -big- differences from how it used to be. This looks like it's gonna be fun!

Last updated: Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010, 9:00PM Eastern
Fishing level on test toon: 41

Things confirmed unchanged:
1. Daily cap of 10 levels still exists.
2. Still get Apprentice Angler at lvl 10.

Things confirmed different:
1. Leveling is randomized. Rather than catching certain fish within certain level ranges, it appears that it's literally a roll of the dice. Weeds might level you, a rudd might level you, you just don't know. Interesting to see how it goes, going forward.
2. Ratio of cookable catches is up. Possibly approaching 20%. (See [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for results of evening fishing in Shire 2/5/2010.)
3. Even junk fish loot tables are different in different zones. A lvl 21 in the Shire can catch rudd, smelt, barbel. In Trestlebridge, none of those are caught. A lvl 41 in the Shire catches a very different spread from a lvl 41 in the LoneLands at the Last Bridge.
3. New skirmish fishing gear!

Things apparently different:
1. Reports that at higher fishing levels, the appearance of former "zone-specific fish" have changed along with regular loot table. Mirkwood appears to provide all varieties of sturgeon, and Forochel all varieties of darters. Need much more testing to confirm, and figure the pattern throughout the whole gameworld.
2. Cookable fish now appear to be zone/region-specific. Patterns show:
-- Shire: Dace, Catfish (can confirm that Trestlebridge does -not- give dace or catfish, but don't know what it does give yet - 2/6)
-- Rivendell & LoneLands: Perch
-- Mirkwood: Flounder, Bass, Golden Mullet
This trend, if true, means that cookable fish now appear to be set up more like crafting resource nodes -- need to go to higher combat-level areas in order to catch higher cooking level fish. Will keep checking this. If newbie characters with low combat level are now locked out of fishing for "good" cookables, it means a -big- change to the basic idea of fishing.

3. Appears to be slight streamlining of timers. Seems like you have to be a little quicker reeling a fish in or you'll lose it.

Preliminary test, 2/5/2010. Just 22 catches to try it out:
OK. So, took a brand new toon fishing on Bullroarer just now. Started off as Fishing lvl 1, basic +0 fishing pole, went to the pond at Overhill.

In these first 10 levels I caught: Weeds, Rudd, Smelt, Minnow, Bitterling, Dace, Goldfish, Charr, Rusty Dagger, Ruthless Rudd, and Delightful Dace! Took 22 casts to reach my cap. It'll be interesting to see if that holds true going forward. I remember that those last bits of leveling to 200 were brutal. If they've really fixed this, then yay! In those 22 casts, I caught 2 cookables -- both Dace. Don't know if that was just dumb luck or what. But if they -have- increased our chances of catching usable fish, another yay! Anyway, that's my very first observations. It looks promising, IMHO. So I'm going to use this thread to gather as much info as possible about how the system works now. Anybody who tries fishing out & is interested, please feel free to post your experiences! The more info, the better.

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